Looking ahead to 2017

This is my first blog. This is also my first post on this new blog of mine.

I am an amateur writer. I love writing but have always been afraid to try and publish anything. I decided that 2017 would be my year to do all the things I love to do. The things I love to do are travel, walk on the beach, be by the ocean, close to or in the ocean, dance, laugh, write and photograph things I find beautiful to share with others.

As a result, I decided to start a plain and simple blog. The goal – to get me writing something, once per week, like an article. The subject- Reflections or random musings about life. The purpose- to put something out there that I created and share something pleasant, happy or fun with others.  Just another way to add something good out in the world.

I know that I will also post photographs I have taken during the week as well. This is my way of having my own little online art gallery to accompany my writing. It is a dream of mine and I decided today was the day.

If my words make you laugh, or think about something in another perspective, help you at all, or if you find a moment where you look at a picture and appreciate it, if one minute is spent in laughter, smiles or appreciation, then I am happy.

So with that, I say Happy New Year and may 2017  be a prime year where we all thrive, propser, live and laugh.



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