Let it be

I have just returned from a week vacation in Varadero Cuba. I enjoy going there because of the weather, the ocean, beaches and the people. All inclusive resorts, in my personal opinion, are simple and worry free. All inclusive to me implies 24 hour access to the beach. Never mind the alcohol and food – food is nice and we need it to survive, but I enjoy the beach and the people.

Resorts do not represent the culture I have been told. This is true, unless you actually get to know the people working at the resort. Or explore the city of Havana and/or Varadero. Which I did.

I enjoy that. Meeting people is one of my favorite things. Especially people from other countries. I was fortunate to have met people from Holland, France, Russia and I met some Cuban people as well. I enjoy hearing their stories. I do not enjoy talking so much as listening. I like hearing where they are from, how they enjoy where they are staying, how they live etc…


One thing I do not enjoy is complaints. I am thankful every time I go to a resort in Cuba I am very appreciative of everything around me. Do not complain to me about food or service. Stop it. However, I learned this week to let things be. It is freedom.

I came to realize that for me vacation time is precious. I am very careful to spend as much time as I can relaxing because I perceive my life to be stressful, well work can be at times. So when I am relaxing on a beach somewhere, I prefer ease and peace of mind and quiet. However, when you are surrounded by people, sometimes, the peace and quiet is traded for conversation and stories. I realize I may lack balance. Maybe lack is not the right word, but balance is something I need to work on. This came to me as I was sitting on a smoking terrace having a coffee and people would some and sit and talk with us. Most of the time I was happy, however, I found myself worrying if I would have the time I desperately sought for myself. I found myself irritated and agitated at times. Then I realized, only I can make or break my vacation. Nobody else can do that. Let things be.

This whole week was about that in a sense. The expression “no matter where you go there you are” kept coming to me. I decided this year I would be happy, and then because I am willing to understand that contrast can be my friend, I found myself in situations where contrast was indeed my friend to teach me something. How can one be in contrast while on vacation? Well someone like me that is willing to explore the other side I suppose. I learned this week to accept my judgments of others and realize that I am that which I judge. It helps me understand others but also accept myself. I became willing to let things be as they are and as a result, I enjoyed my week very much. I started to see that if I leave my story aside for a minute, I often become less irate and feel clearer. Let it and myself be.

I have to say that the people I met were wonderful and added to the whole experience. I think Cuban people are wonderful as well and when they smile, there is a certain energy about them.

I thanked the ocean every day and every day I went and played in the ocean. For that I am forever thankful.

I went back to work. I have been back for two days now. We have two more people leaving and as a result, there will be more work, BUT there are more opportunities for advancement. Let it be………..More will be revealed.

I hope everyone has a great week and I hope I can continue to let things be.


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